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Michoacan's beaches

Michoacan state is located on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It has many beautiful beaches. This time I visited some of them located between Lázaro Cárdenas and the border with the state of Colima.
Maybe one of the most beautiful aspectos of this beaces is their rocky formations, despite their outrageos sunsets.
My favorite thing about this places was that is still possible to find portions of empty beach, just with birds, rocks and the sea around. La Llorona was the most desert beach I visited. This name was given to it because when you walk over the sand you may hear de sand "crying" which is more like a soft squeak.
And Nexpa is famous among surfers because of its huge waves. And here you can also find the restaurat that we considered the best one all over Michoacan's coast.

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Pequeña Capitali$ta dijo...

Qué Fotos!! qué bárbara, las de tus profiles también están muy lindas.

Y respecto a lo de la afore, si no les tienes confianza lo padre es que hay más opciones (fondos de inversión o aseguradoras) que también son deducibles. El chiste es un poquito de organización nada más, a veces con constancia puedes acumular un chorro sin que te des cuenta.

Gastón dijo...

facinantes imagenes del ocaso