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Letter to myself: Bye, bye City # 1

Lots of tall buildings in construction surround you, with people working on them all day long. The sky is exceptionally clear: you're able to see far, far away despite of pollution, and the colors above your head are brilliant pinks and soft shades of blue.

It seems to be the awkward moment in the afternoon when you realize that you ain't in Mumbai, cause when you were there you were young and you had all your future ahead.

Now you're not that young anymore. And your future seems to be, finally, the surreal and never ending adventure that you've made up for yourself all this years.

You also know you're not there because there's no sea at all: only thousands of lights sparkling as little cars or tiny windows in apartments' buildings.

You're not so old yet but you realize, once again, that you don't want to get any older in a city where skyscrapers, noise and visual chaos are almost the only few things able to blossom.

So... Bye, bye City. With all my love/hate,


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